Wallpaper Removal

  1. Removing wallpaper can be very difficult if you ever tried you know what I am talking about. The more professional it was installed the better it will come off. Each paper has it’s own technique but here is a general way we remove most wallpapers.
  2. Remove everything possible from room where wallpaper is to be removed. This includes towel bars, medicine cabinets, light fixtures basically anything on top of the paper that can be safely removed will be.
  3. Next we remove the outer layer of the wallpaper we call this the skin, this is usually done dry.
  4. We then apply a liquid chemical mixed with Hot Water & sprayed on the backing of the wallpaper with a sprayer called a pump sprayer. This is applied a min. of 2 times (sometimes many more than 2 times) and we allow the chemical to loosen the glue this takes anywhere from 15 min. to 1hr.After the backing is loosened we can then remove it.
  5. While the glue is still soft we remove that from walls too. Now you must let walls dry !
  6. After walls are dry you can determine if the walls need skim coating or just minor repairs.
  7. Skim coating is a thin layer of sheetrock compound (we call mud) applied to complete wall surface to smooth out wall. This must dry & then be sanded , primed & painted. Followed by directions for inter. painting above for the finish.

So call us & let us Paint It Rite for you too! Over 28 yrs. experience.