Residential Interior & Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

  1. We move all furniture to the middle of the room and protect it with new plastic drop cloths. We then use plastic or cloth drop cloths to protect your floors. (we ask that you remove all fragile breakable items from room that is to be painted).
  2. If ceilings are to be painted we also protect fans, ceiling lights, glass doors, windows and anything else that should not be painted. When popcorn ceilings are to be painted they will be spray painted this is the safest way with popcorn ceilings. (Please note that even with all this protection some dust may be present after we clean up this is unavoidable).
  3. We close all holes, cracks & seal all stains
  4. All repaired area’s will be spot primed (if needed).
  5. Now we are ready for painting. We will cut in all ceiling lines, doors & baseboards with a brush(Cutting in means to bring paint color to edge of an area that is to be filled in. This is usually done by brush)
    Next step is to fill in that area that was just cut in by a brush, this is done with a roller. We use 100% lamb wool rollers they are expensive but give the best coverage & finish. This whole process is done twice (2 coats) in most cases depending on color & finish used. We recommend Glidden paint products.
  6. When all the walls, baseboards & ceilings are completed we then do all doors throughout the house. This saves time and helps us get your room back together the same day we start it. (Please note the type of paint on your door before we start this effects what type of paint can be put on top). Never put latex paint on top of oil based paint without the proper preparation or the latex paint will scratch right off.
  7. Finally we remove all our tools & paints to a location that is out of your way often times in a garage or patio. Then we clean up rooms that were painted that day. We then sweep or vacuum your floors & move back all furniture.
  8. Our goal is to have a great looking paint job with little to no effort on the part of our customers. See what some of our customers have said about our work under references

Exterior Painting

  1. 1st we pressure clean all surfaces that are to be painted & give them a diluted chlorine wash that helps kill mold & mildew still on surface.
  2. Next we caulk all holes, cracks & seal all stains, & we protect all windows, screens or any other surface that is not to be painted.
  3. Now it is time for some kind of sealer (in most cases a sealer is recommended but not always) we generally use 2 different types: a)clear bonding sealer mixed with paint this is good for warn or chalky conditions prior to painting or b)for problem area’s we recommend a primer sealer called Gripper its a great product.
  4. Painting now you are ready, we use Gliddens Premium exterior paints for all surfaces. We like the satin finish for walls & eve’s & the semi-gloss for the doors.
  5. Like all our work we leave your home clean each night & all our tools are put out of your way!

So call us & let us Paint It Rite for you too! Over 28 yrs. experience.