Popcorn Removal

  1. We move all furniture to the middle of room or to another room if possible and protect them with new plastic drop cloths. We then use plastic drop cloths to protect your floors also (We ask that you remove all fragile breakable items from room to be painted).
  2. We also protect fans, ceiling lights, glass doors, windows and anything else that should not get dirty. When popcorn ceilings are to be removed this is a dirty job. Remember everything that is on the ceiling is gonna be on the plastic drop cloths. (Please note that even with all this protection some dust may be present after we clean up, this is unavoidable).
  3. We close all holes, cracks & seal all stains
  4. All repaired areas will be spot primed (if needed).
  5. Now you are ready for your new finish, we offer smooth ceilings, new popcorn ceilings, & knockdown texture ceilings
  6. All new ceilings will need to be painted after the new finish has dried.

So call us & let us Paint It Rite for you too! Over 28 yrs. experience.