Whisper Walk Boca Raton Florida Recommendations

“I hope everyone is delighted with the redecorating of the mainroom of the Clubhouse.”

“Now that our Clubhouse is finished . . . there are a few people I would like to thank:”
“Jeff – Paint-It-Rite…He did a wonderful job painting.”



“Paint It Rite has recently completed painting Parklane, Eastgate and Grenleaf’s Clubhouses. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in the future. Paint It Rite wants to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.”

Waters Edge Delray Beach Florida Recommendation

October 5, 2000Waters-Edge-Delray-Beach-Florida-Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

I am the Assistant Property Manager at The Water’s Edge Apartments in Delray Beach Florida. We are a one hundred and fifty unit luxury apartment complex.

We have employed the services of Jeffrey Finell and his company Paint It Right for the last year and a half. Jeff and his crew always do a great job on painting and repairs of our apartment units. He is very mindful of details and does a very neat and through job.

I can always count on Jeff to keep his scheduled appointments for doing work here, which makes my job a lot easier for planning units to get ready for move in.

I would highly recommend Jeff for any painting or repair job. It’s always a pleasure to do business with him.

Yours Truly,

Emily Sciascia
Assistant Manager

St. James Club Boca Raton Florida Recommendation

October 13, 2000St.-James-Club-Boca-Raton-Florida-Recommendation-sm

This letter is written as a recommendation for Paint It Rite Company who services the St. James Club Apartments.

The owner, Jeff Finell, has been servicing this property by turning our vacant apartments since we took over the property in May 2000. The painting work involved has included wallpaper removal, painting patios and common areas such as our fitness area and, of course, the interior apartments. I have found the work to be thorough and detailed. We are very satisfied with the overall performance and they are always here when we need them. Their efforts to accommodate us not only with scheduling but also competitive pricing is the reason we choose to continue business with Paint It Rite.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Anisa Kiaric
Property Manager

Savannah Lakes Boynton Beach Florida Recommendation

June 9, 1997Savannah-Lakes-Boynton-Beach-Florida-Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I recommend Paint It Rite, Inc.

Paint It Rite, Inc has always been available to Savannah Lakes Apartments whether scheduled in advance or at last minute notice, always providing their best service. Jeff is a professional at all times and has been flexible when necessary. Should you contract Paint It Rite, Inc. you will only be satisfied.

Ruthie Ritter
Property Manager

Savannah Lakes Apartments 2 Boynton Beach Florida Recommendations

October 1, 2000Savannah-Lakes-Apartments-2-Boynton-Beach-Florida-Recommendations

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to commend Jeff Finell for services performed by Paint It Rite, Inc. I have used Paint It Rite, Inc. at several different properties throughout Palm Beach County and had the same satisfaction at each. They have performed interior paints on both vacant and occupied units, as well as exterior painting. Jeff and his crew have always been professional, honest, and very dependable. Their customer service skills are outstanding. I would highly recommend them to any other properties for painting needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 561-364-8900.


Tammy Vidal
Property Manager
Savannah Lakes

Sandpiper Cove Apartment Homes Boynton Beach Florida Recommendation

December 3, 2002Sandpiper-Cove-Apartment-Homes-Boynton-Beach-Florida-Recommendation

RE: Letter of Reference

To whom this may concern:

Paint It Rite, Inc. has been painting vacant units at Sandpiper Cove Apartments since 5/2000.

Due to the employees professional work habits, dependability and cleanliness, they continue to be the only paint contractor Sandpiper Cove Apartments has used.

Jeff Finell, the owner of Paint It Rite, Inc., is a wonderful man to do business with. His pricing is fair and always guarantees his workmanship. It is a pleasure to work with him and his employees.


Carol Felner Property Manager

ICI Dulux Paints Delray Beach Florida Recommendation

January 27, 2007

To whom it May Concern:ICI-Dulux-Paints-Delray-Beach-Florida-Recommendation

For the past seven years, I have been working for ICI Dulux Paints. During my tenure with ICI, I have been privileged to provide service to Paint It Rite, as well refer this company to many homeowners and contractors without any hesitation about their professionalism and courteous service with every customer.

Paint It Rite has shown to honor all commitments made to each customer that I’ve referred completing every job accurately and in a timely manner. As much as I know, every customer appreciated us from ICI Paints when we referred Paint It Rite for their painting needs. I have been in the paint industry for many years. I have worked with thousand of customers. And believe that Paint It Rite is one of the top companies in the painting industries of south Florida. I really Thank Paint It Rite for the loyalty and the opportunity of Service them in their paint needs.


Romerito Coelho
Area Sales Representative

Gulfstream Manor Gulfstream Florida Recommendation

Sept 21, 2000

To whom it may Concern,Gulfstream-Manor-Gulfstream-Florida-Recommendation

This is a letter of recommendation about Jeff Finell and Paint It Rite.

Gulfstream Manor is a time-share resort on the ocean in Gulfstream. We have only one week to complete projects we have 2 fully furnished apartments.

One day we were in such a dilemma. Our painting company started a job in our oceanfront apartment and didn’t show up for work in two days!

We were so hurt, because this company worked for us for 3 or 4 years. We were always second fiddle. He would always over book.

Well enough is enough. I got on the phone and called our contractor and I asked him if he knew of a good painter, immediately, he said, “Jeff Finell, Paint It Rite.” He only refers him to his clients because he gets the job done, magic to my ears.

Jeff came over to our resort just before closing to look at the situation. I opened the oceanfront door and he gasped.

There was wallpaper stripped off the walls all over the new carpeting, no drop cloths on the furniture, left over lunch from two days ago on the counter tops.

Jeff asked me for some garbage bags and he picked up all the mess and neatly cleared the rooms. Then he vacuumed the carpeting!Gulfstream-Manor-Gulfstream-Florida-Recommendation-2

If first impressions count, he had my vote! Top of the list of all outside labor that ever came thru our doors!

Jeff’s work, integrity, promptness and loyalty to his clients always comes thru. Consistency is a mark of excellence which he proves over and over to us.

If you are tired of driving a Chevy and move to a Mercedes, that is how I can describe the excellence in his job performance.

Continued success, Jeff, for a job always well done!!

Most Sincerely,

Mary Milwske

Asst Manager
Gulfstream Manor
3901 N Ocean Bvld
Gulfstream, Florida 33444